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Duck With Helmet and Chain

Duck With Helmet and Chain

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Take a fearless ride with our TopDuck! Add adventure to your car and stand out on the road. Let this bold look inspire you to take risks and go on new journeys. Whether on your car or bike, this helmet-clad duck will inspire you to embrace adventure. So why blend in when you can ride with style and confidence? ! 

Weight: about 38 grams
Features: It will make a sound when pinched, the material is soft, safe and durable, the duck quality is good, the raw material is safe, and it does not harm human health, Great to put it on car bonnet, rearview mirror, etc.
Delivery list:
1Pc x Duck
1Pc x Helmet
1Pc x Airscrew
1Pc x Sunglasses
1Pc x Chain
1Pc x Sticker
Bicycles and motorcycles need to purchase a separate strap

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