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Sliding Pizza Peel

Sliding Pizza Peel

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Effortlessly transfer your pizza with the Sliding Pizza Peel. Its innovative design allows you to easily slide your pizza onto other surfaces without any hassle. Save time and enjoy perfectly transferred pizza every time.


1. Unique Design, The real function of this Sliding Pizza Peel is its sliding mechanism, which will turn the key moment of pizza sliding in the oven into an interesting game. With a simple action, you can gracefully lift the pizza to prevent it from sticking together.

2. Multi-Purposes Sliding Pizza Peel—The lightweight and durable Sliding Pizza Peel is ideal to serve Pizzas, Breads, and Cakes from the Stove or Grill. The uses are unlimited for your cooking creativity.

3. Sturdy Durable, This pizza board is made of natural material, strong and durable, not easy to crack, no paint and no odor, safe for food contact.

4. Easy to Clean, This pizza paddle just need to be rinsed clean with water, take cloth to wipe and dry; there are hanging hole on the bottom of the handle, which is convenient to hang for drying and storage, saving space.

5. Kitchen Companion, Please your friends and family with authentic Italian flavor and discover how Italian cooking tradition has become an important part of your food.

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